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The South of France, Languedoc... That's where three friends chose to meet that month of July.
Like every year, they chose a wine destination... La Rioja, Piedmont, Burgundy, this time the cicadas welcomed them.

Of their friendship, born many years ago, some were jealous! Never a dark cloud, voices never raised, just the pleasure to meet and share moments of complicity, with the best food and the best wines.

Of these shared moments emerged the idea of ​​acquiring a vineyard... making wine, their own wine, just for personal consumption but that day, something magical occurred. The car doors opened, they put their feet on the ground, and they knew!


Of their friendship emerged the idea of acquiring a vineyard …  

Mas de la Doux

This blessed place by the gods and forgotten by man, is the incarnation of the bond between them.​

After much research, they were told that many an old vintner had tried to fight against the power of nature, such as the character "Panturle" in Giono’s novel, to obtain of this land of 'ruffe' some promising grapes ...
It was all there! 

And from a vineyard to produce their daily wine, they knew they were going to switch to the improbable, the moment of madness, the crush or coup de coeur: a small vineyard, forgotten by man, where their friendship would become the engine of making wines that meet their expectations...


A wine gathering by itself the work and the love of three friends, a "revival", in short, the fourth friend: 

Mas de la Doux. 

vendanges Mas de la Doux
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