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Of their friendship emerged the idea of acquiring a vineyard …  



The Mas de la Doux is characterized by a unique terroir [Association of the natural and human factors (climate, ground, hydrology, know-how of the wine grower) which characterizes and differentiates vineyards.]. There are very specific soils in this area called ruffes. These are red soils (presence of iron oxide) and very old (end of the primary area). They are very poor and draining. Also found in the vineyard are clay and limestone soils, sandstone and basalt soils associated with a very turmoil geological history. This originality and diversity of soils in a limited area (15 ha of land) make for the unique character of the vineyard of Mas de la Doux.



Soils & farming techniques


The soils are maintained mechanically (plowed, de-earthed and finally hoed). The vines are trained and maintained so that the vegetation is well ventilated in order to promote good maturation of the grapes but also reduce diseases. This allows for the number of treatments to be limited to a minimum. All this work is consistent with a respect for soil life, the environment and the surrounding fauna which is needed for an ecological balance that limits the risk of vine predators.​

Mas de la Doux
Ruffes Mas de la Doux
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