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Of their friendship emerged the idea of acquiring a vineyard …  

Harvest & vinification


The harvest is handpicked in order to gather only the best bunches. These are then transported to the wine making room in small crates to keep them whole and limit oxidation and contamination.
The white grapes are pressed directly and gently. Firstly clarified (racked) the juice ferments in stainless steel tanks or in barrels for Olivèdes.
The red grapes are de-stemmed and then passed onto the sorting table to keep only the most beautiful grapes. They are then crushed before filling the tanks. The vinification or winemaking is carried out in concrete vats, but gently, in order to respect the expression of the different terroirs of the property.
The wines are then matured in vats or in barrels for the wines that require further aging.

vendanges Mas de la Doux
vendanges Mas de la Doux
Chais Mas de la Doux
Chais Mas de la doux
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